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24K gold-plated Ashtray

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gat tan thuoc la hinh chuot
gat tan thuoc la hinh chuot (4)
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gat tan thuoc la hinh chuotgat tan thuoc la hinh chuot (4)gat tan thuoc la hinh chuot (3)

24K gold-plated Ashtray

7,500,000  VNĐ

24K gold-plated 12 animal ashtrays – one of a high-end gifts bringing luxury as well as elegance is crafted by Karalux’s artisans.

7,500,000  VNĐ

Product Description

Ashtrays are used not only as a container to put ash, cigarette ends but also as a decoration displayed on the coffee table, or desk. To meet the increasing demand of customers, Karalux launch a luxurious 24K gold-plated ashtray.

VinaTAB are always proud of being a pioneer in 24K gold plating technology. There are plenty of gold-plated products used as high-end gifts, and unique gifts on Tel Holiday. Recently, the company launched a set of 24K gold-plated ashtray with 12 Chinese zodiac animals.

gạt tàn thuốc lá, gạt tàn vàng, gạt tàn mạ vàng 24k

24K gold-plated ashtray with rat statue

Ưu điểm của Gạt tàn thuốc lá mạ vàng 24K rất phong phú về hình   dáng. Mỗi một gạt tàn thuốc lá là dáng của những con giáp ở những thế khác nhau. 

gạt tàn thuốc lá, gạt tàn vàng, gạt tàn mạ vàng 24k

The advantage of the 24K gold-plated ashtrays is variety of sizes and models. Each ashtray is designed with different animals in different posture.

gạt tàn thuốc lá, gạt tàn vàng, gạt tàn mạ vàng 24k

Gold-plated Ashtrays – a luxurious gift

This product can be used as a high-end gift for your boss or as a decoration. A gold-plated ashtray is displayed on the desk to increase the elegance as well as the luxury of your working office. Especially, you can choose any ashtray with a mascot symbolizing the age of receivers.

Gold-plated Ashtrays with 12 Chinese Zodiac animals

Customers can have a look at other gold-plated gifts of Vina TAB such as: Gold-plated Snake Statue, Gold-plated Statue of the three abundances, Gold-plated Feng shui Pixiu …


– Size: 10 (height) × 18.5 (length) × 12 (width)

– Material: Bronze

– Surface Material: 24K gold

– Origin: VinaTAB

After being gold-plated, all gifts and products of VinaTAB are coated with a nano layer to protect their surface, and avoid mechanical impacts which can wear out the gold layer.

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