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24K Gold-Plated book-bearing Turtle

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Rua ma vang
Rua cong sach ma vang
Rua cong sach ma vang 24K
Linh vat rua ma vang 24K
bieu tuong rua cong sach ma vang
bieu tuong rua cong sach ma vang 24k
Rua ma vangRua cong sach ma vangRua cong sach ma vang 24KLinh vat rua ma vang 24Kbieu tuong rua cong sach ma vangbieu tuong rua cong sach ma vang 24k

24K Gold-Plated book-bearing Turtle

3,000,000  VNĐ

Lucky turtle is customized and gold-plated carefully by VinaTAB artisans. This gold-plated product can be used as a high-end gift for your friend as well as your family on special occasions.

3,000,000  VNĐ

Product Description

In Feng Shui, turtle is one of the four symbols – four mythological creatures in the Chinese constellations. They are: the Azure Dragon (Qing Long) of the East, the Vermillion Bird (Zhu Que) of the South, the White Tiger (Bai Hu) of the West, and the Black Turtles (Xuan Vu) of the North. Turtle is thought to be spiritual creatures bringing good fortune. Turtle is also considered as a symbol of longevity. Everyone takes benefit from the existence of turtles. In addition, the turtle is a protector of the north – the direction of your fortune.

Linh vật Rùa phong thủy | Linh quy đúc đồng mạ vàng 24k


VinaTAB artisans have crafted a 24K gold plated Turtle mascot. Putting a Turtle statue in the Southeast is to grow the wealth. In fact, if you can feed a turtle mascot and put in this direction, it will not only help develop your investment but also protect your wealth.

Furthermore, you can also put a small gold plated turtle statue under your bed to help you sleep better at night. The turtle will protect and bring comfortable feeling while sleeping. Turtle mascot also attracts more income and opportunities for you while sleeping.

Linh vật Rùa phong thủy | Linh quy đúc đồng mạ vàng 24k

24K gold plated turtles can be used as unique gifts to express your desire for happy family, good health. So, you should put a turtle mascot to improve your life. Turtle – a symbol of water elements will enhance the wood corner of the house. The growth also represents the expansion.

In addition, VinaTAB introduce 2 models of Turtle mascot: statue of Turtle bearing book, and Dragon Quilin Turtle Phoenix statue.

1, Dragon Qilin Turtle Phoenix Model

Four holy beasts, 4 benevolent animals, are present in many Eastern cultures, especially those influenced by Chinese culture. Four holy beasts include dragon, qilin, turtle and phoenix. With Four holy beasts, four valuable plants (pine, apricot, chrysanthemum, and little bamboo) are often present in painting, folk sculpture, especially in the temples and often combined with the themes of flowers, cloudy and water.

Rua dau rong ma vang 24k|Linh vật Long Quy hút tài lộc

This model is a harmonious coordination of Four holy beast: Dragon’s head, turtle’s body, Qilin’s legs, Phoenix’s tails.

2, Model of Turtle bearing book

Statue of Turtle bearing books is designed and reproduced the Turtle Steles at Temple of Literature. Turtle steles are the symbol for education and learning in Vietnamese history, which is associated with the history and Confucianism of Vietnam.

Linh vật Rùa phong thủy | Linh quy đúc đồng mạ vàng 24k

Owning a turtle mascot statue will help candidates more confident in every exam. Therefore, turtle statue is considered as a meaningful gift bringing success in education or before exams.


– Size: 8 (length) x 6.5 (width)

– Material: Bronze

– Surface Material: 24K gold

– Origin: VinaTAB

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