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24K Gold-plated Bronze Dragon Turtle Mascot

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24K Gold-plated Bronze Dragon Turtle Mascot

5,500,000  VNĐ

24K gold-plated Bronze Dragon Headed Turtle is luxurious gifts bringing luck, good fortune and advancement in career as well as education

5,500,000  VNĐ

Product Description

Dragon Turtle is a sacred symbol bringing good fortune for places where it is placed. Both the dragon and the turtle are top of the four holy beasts in feng shui.

24K gold-plated bronze Dragon Turtle is the most unique gifts for your beloved before exams as it will bring luck, success as well as advancement in career.

Rua dau rong ma vang 24k|Linh vật Long Quy hút tài lộc

In Nine sons of the Dragon Legend, the fourth – the Bixi or Baxia, which is depicted as a turtle with the neck and head of a dragon, likes to carry heavy objects. In folk lore, the big sacred turtles are also known as Dragon Turtle. In many ancient Chinese legends, it is told that Nugua Goddess used four big turtle’s legs as four pillars of heaven which is tattered by the deity Gonggong. It is thought that the feature of liking to carry heavy objects implicates to prevent people from negative chi and reduce disaster, so Dragon Turtle is used as a feng shui cure for protecting your house and bringing a better life.

Rua dau rong ma vang 24k|Linh vật Long Quy hút tài lộc

Dragon Turtle is placed in the Money area of your home to attract wealth, or placed in the direction of the Three Killings to neutralize the controversy and prevent the killing chi from harming you.

Rua dau rong ma vang 24k|Linh vật Long Quy hút tài lộc

After being gold-plated, all gifts and products of VinaTAB are coated with a nano layer to protect their surface, and avoid mechanical impacts which can wear out the gold layer.
The Products are warranted for a period of 6 months.

– Dimensions: 8cm (length) x 5.5 cm (width).
– Material: Bronze
– Surface Material: 24K gold
– Origin: VinaTAB
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