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24K gold-plated Ganesha bringing wisdom and lucky

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24K gold-plated Ganesha bringing wisdom and lucky

4,500,000  VNĐ

The lucky Ganesha, 24k gold-plated by VinaTAB, is high-end gift bringing power, and success in life to its owners

4,500,000  VNĐ

Product Description

Elephant mascot not only is regarded as a symbol of power, patience, wisdom, success, prosperity, and kindness but also is revered as a symbol of divinity and kindness. With such great meanings, the gold-plated Ganesha statues by VinaTAB, are often used as unique gifts bringing luck for your beloved and friends.

Tuong Voi may man ma vang|Thần Ganesha mạ vàng 24k

Ganesha – a unique deity with elephant head – is one of the best-known and the most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon.

It is believed that Ganesha can help not only bring success but also remove obstacles, so Ganesha became the principal deity of merchants and entrepreneurs. Even today, Ganesha is considered as the god of success and the Lord of obstacles in Buddhist of Thailand.

Tuong Voi may man ma vang|Thần Ganesha mạ vàng 24k

Ganesha also brings immortality to his disciples. The number 21 is considered as a sacred number of Ganesh. Ganesha’s elephant head is the work by Shiva to transform a impetuous man into a calm, reasonable and wise being. For securing the head of the elephant, Shiva asked Brahma and Vishnu to go to the North. The journey to the North is the Devayana – a path of enlightenment, and the head toward to the North (uttaram) is a signal of good omen and intelligence.

Tuong Voi may man ma vang|Thần Ganesha mạ vàng 24k

On the market, there are many Ganesha statues made of many different materials, each product has its own beauty. One of the most unique Ganesha statues is VInaTAB one which is casted in bronze before being gold-plated with 24K gold – a precious metal represents power, divinity and compassionate.

Tuong Voi may man ma vang|Thần Ganesha mạ vàng 24k

The gold-plated Ganesha statues of KaraLux brand have be chosen by many people as a unique gift bringing power, luck and success in life.

The 24K gold-plated Ganashe statues are on display and for sale at the nationwide store and showroom of VinaTAB.

VinaTAB commit and ensure all products ordered are delivered in an accurate and timely manner. Furthermore, the products are warranted not to peel up, inflate or desquamate for a period of 24 months.


– Dimensions: 11cm (height) x 6.5cm (width) x 6.5cm (length)

– Material: Bronze

– Surface Material: 24K gold

– Origin: VinaTAB

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