Karalux is proud of being one of pioneers in 24K gold-plating field as well as in crafting gold-plated gifts in Vietnam.

Karalux is a online selling website which distribute exclusively senior gold-plated gifts of ROYAL GOLD (a protected trademark of VINATAB, JSC. in Vietnam)

We are proud of our professional staff trained at developed countries such as Australia, France, Singapore…

Come to Karalux, you can comfortably choose unique and varied 24k gold-plated gifts for all ages, and for events, important anniversaries. The gold-plated gifts not only have physical meaning but also express cultural depth, ethnic identity as well as the effects in feng shui.

Karalux always try our best to bring our customers practical benefits: quality assurance, reasonable prices… In addition, with door-to-door delivery method and convenient payment method, Karalux is believed to bring satisfaction to customers.


VinaTAB Joint Stock Company

Address: 93 Xa Dan Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam

E-mail: Tuvan@mavang.vn

Website: Karalux.vn

Ebay store: Karalux

Tel: +84 – 903 661 954 or  + 84 – 934 567 327

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/MaVang.vn

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