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Luxury 24K Gold-plated Tiger

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Tuong ho phong thuy ma vang
tuong ho ma vang 24K
linh vat ho ma vang
linh vat ho ma vang 24K
ho ma vang
ho ma vang 24K
Tuong ho phong thuy ma vangtuong ho ma vang 24Klinh vat ho ma vanglinh vat ho ma vang 24Kho ma vangho ma vang 24K

Luxury 24K Gold-plated Tiger

8,500,000  VNĐ

Tiger mascot is sacred and powerful object which is worshiped, as it is a symbol of power, glory, success in education and business, and promotion in work. Therefore, VinaTAB introduced 24K gold-plated tiger statues which can be used as high-end gift to those who are born in the year of Tiger.

8,500,000  VNĐ

Product Description

Tiger belongs to the metal element and bringing good qui. The tiger statue can help not only bring fortune, power, and success in examination and business but also protect your home from taboo or negative star.

Tuong ho phong thuy ma vang 24K, linh vật hổ mạ vàng cao cấp

Placing a 24K gold-plated statue tigers in offices or houses will help bring luck, fortune, wealth, and success in examinations. In addition, the gold-plated tiger statues are also feng shui protector of your home from taboo or negative star. In feng shui, it is recommended to military personnel, polices, judges or those working in the field of taxation, especially to those who are born in the year of Horse and Dog for hanging a tiger painting or displaying a tiger statue in their offices or houses as the tiger painting and statue will help cure negative qui, enhance good qui.

Tuong ho phong thuy ma vang 24K, linh vật hổ mạ vàng cao cấp

Owning and displaying a feng shui tiger painting or a gold-plated tiger statue will definitely make your workspace become more luxurious and more powerful. Furthermore, the gold color of the gold-plated tiger statue will also enhance the luxury, elegance and power of offices.

Tuong ho phong thuy ma vang 24K, linh vật hổ mạ vàng cao cấp

According to the feng shui consultant, you should place the gold-plated tiger statue on the desk to support business and cure the negative qui.


– Dimensions: 12.5 (height) x 18 (length) x 7 (width)

– Material: Bronze

– Surface Material: 24K gold

– Origin: VinaTAB

After being gold-plated, all gifts and products of VinaTAB are coated with a nano layer to protect their surface, and prevent the surface of gold-layer from being abraded by mechanical impacts.

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