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Luxury gold Samsung Ego S9402

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Luxury gold Samsung Ego S9402

55,000,000  VNĐ

Samsung Ego S9402 is a unique and senior phone series. Ego S9402 is more luxurious with a coating a 24K gold layer.

55,000,000  VNĐ

Product Description

Samsung Ego S9402 is a unique and senior phone series. Ego S9402 is more luxurious with a coating a 24K gold layer.

Samsung is officially launched in 2009 and is primarily designed for phone market in Russia. Immediately thereafter S9402 Ego version was welcomed and is hunted by VIP.

gold samsung Ego S9402

At this time, Samsung has created a breakthrough and get attention from in the technological world as Ego S9402 case is made ​​from Liquidmetal. It is a compound which used to manufacture spacecraft skin. This compound is also said to be better than Titan.

Samsung Ego includes AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabilization, people recognition and LED flash, stereo FM radio, tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth, 1GB internal memory, microSD card slot which supports up to 8GB memory card. However, at this stage, the most unique of the Ego is the dual-SIM functionality.

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According to Nguyen Ngoc – an chief engineers who implements to gold customize Samsung Ego said: “This phone generation is also very “HOT” and is used and hunted by VIP in Vietnam. This phone can be prevented from eavesdropping. The current price of old one in Vietnam is from 35 million VND – 70 million VND/phone, not including the customized or gold plated cost.”

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“During using process, Liquidmetal skin will often be rough, which cause the phone to lose its appeal and luxury. Karalux is a unique company in Vietnam which specializes in restoring and has technological capabilities to dispose of Liquidmetal,” Mr. Ngoc added.

It takes from 7-10 days to restore and gold plate for the Samsung Ego  and it also depends on customers’ requirements as well as the status of the phone. The gold plating cost for S9402 Ego is about 20 million.


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